The Model E electric rototiller is powered by a 3/4hp electric motor that looks just like a drill motor.  The motor was designed and manufactured by the General Electric Company.  It has been called a little Rototiller at the end of a stick.  It is not as light-weight as today’s string trimmers and modern hand-held tilling machines.  This tiller was developed by August 1953 and many accessories were available according to information supplied by Donald A. Jones.


It digs!...It Mows!...It Hoes!...It Saws!…It Trims!...It Throws!...

It Sands!...It Stirs!...It Shines!...It Cuts!...It Drills!...It Grinds!


In addition to the #1 (as shown) and #2 digger-cultivator attachment, a 16” chain saw, a trimmer-mower, a snow shovel attachment, ˝” drill chuck, 6” grinding wheel, lawn edger, sanding and polishing attachment, and a lawn mower were offered.  The standard length drive tube assembly was 33” long while a shorter one at 14” was also offered.  Most of the attachments were quickly changed by the two latch type fasteners at the bottom of the drive tube.

The development of this tiller was prompted by a Professor Stone telling Mr. Kelsey “….one of these days you must develop a little Rototiller at the end of a stick, something you can just poke around plants with”.  Also, Mr. Kelsey’s wife ask him to make her a little Rototiller that she could use in her flower beds, “….something small and light like a vacuum cleaner”.  She was featured in ads for this little tilling machine.


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Reference materials for this page are from booklets published by Rototiller, Inc. and materials provided by Donald A. Jones, author of The Rototiller in America.